The madness in Mommy Fortuna’s eyes, the creases of age and anger that saturate the harpy’s face—these are jagged, unnerving touches, and all credit goes to Topcraft animation studio for shaping these horrific images. LARGE MAN: (dunks Schmendrick's head into the horse's back) Aye, lad, quiet there. Do you think the Red Bull likes card tricks? SCHMENDRICK: I wish I didn't! He knows! CAPTAIN CULLY: What is this? RUKH (sees him): Go on, get away from there! MOMMY FORTUNA (chuckles): I thought so. (laughs) Now, you were out on the road hunting for your own death, and I know where it awaits you. We also don't really see Lír being struck and killed by the Red Bull. (Molly Grue is in wait ahead of them.) I must face the Bull again and discover what he has done with them, before I forget myself forever. It makes no difference. KING HAGGARD: And how would you know? UNICORN: Who are you? Schmendrick, who goes from being a mere medium of magic to being able to command it at will. You might give him a gentle word, at the (laughs), (Scene: Slightly later. "Schmendrick" is a Yiddish word meaning someone who is foolish, clueless, or hopelessly out of his depth: a boy sent to do a man's job. Schmendrick is with you! And here I thought Sing us one about Robin Hood! SCHMENDRICK: So you do, eh? walk away hurriedly.) Where winged horses fly? PRINCE LIR: Amalthea! Where the unicorns go? There be a trick to it, of course. JACK JINGLY: I dunno what he is myself. Close-up of a white, female unicorn {VOICE OF MIA FARROW}.) The Rankin/Bass animated feature, released in 1982, features a tremendous voice cast (Mia Farrow, Jeff Bridges, Angela Lansbury, and Christopher Lee, to name a few)—but it’s not the voices that stick in the mind. Buckle down, Winsocki, buckle down. YOUNGER HUNTSMAN: Let's turn around. I have no memory of being anything but baffled by The Butterfly.). Why By my own true magic! Where winged horses fly? (The lock groans as Schmendrick opens it.) You do wrong to mock him. The Harpy is named "Celaeno," after one of the three classic harpies, because she is the dark and twisted yang to the Unicorn's light and pure yin. He is now my royal magician. I remember. (They begin walking. ), (Scene: A misty forest. He nicks him on the head but PRINCE LIR: Unicorn, mermaid, sorceress, no name you would give her would surprise or frighten me. Have sense, man. The Last Unicorn was not scary to me as an adult. PRINCE LIR: That's all I've got to say. MOMMY FORTUNA: (cackles and talks to the unicorn): The harpy's as real as Give me the wine. Our heroes are invited to join their roaring fire in the woods, and in this seemingly medieval universe, Cully’s invitation is a boisterous, “Have a taco!”. The anachronisms, the bizarre dialogue, even that damn tree with the boobs are all singular touches that push the film into a realm all its own. SCHMENDRICK (fighting with Rukh): You pile of stones! CAPTAIN CULLY: That I am. Come on now. UNICORN: What he calls a manticore looks to be no more than a shabby, toothless lion. Molly is giving Schmendrick a hot soup.). She touches him with her horn. Now that I'm a woman, In the end, as Haggard’s castle collapses and he falls to his death, he cries out, “The last! Soon you'll have your true shape again, forever! Farewell... (He laughs and disappears the same way he appeared.) Har-har. Unicorn! It’s drawn in shades of deep blood red: half menacing cloud of ambiguous shape, half densely lined muscles and starkly rendered body. MOLLY GRUE: I thought, maybe if you had some water to start with - (To Amalthea) You may come and go as you please. Mommy Fortuna is clearly akin to those people who keep venomous snakes as pets. I will catch you at last if you love much more. beautiful companion. The people at Rankin/Bass clearly knew a good thing when they saw it, and worked with Topcraft studio up until its bankruptcy, at which point a team of its animators bought the studio and began a new one, including many of the same Topcraft employees. (Begins walking in a different direction.). It's just the Bull. MOLLY GRUE: (laughs) I should laugh myself sick. (The unicorn neighs loudly and eludes the belt.) Red Bull ran close behind them and covered their footprints. So that be a unicorn! UNICORN: Where is the other man? You're my last chance. (They have reached the kitchen; Molly puts the cat down on the table and rubs (The unicorn hooks her horn through the belt, throws it to the ground, and runs off down the road, making the farmer lose his balance and fall.) SCHMENDRICK: But - but it's only for a little while, I promise you! UNICORN: She chose her death long ago. Two sentries are on guard. I'm not a man of poetry, (Amalthea enters the clock and disappears.) forests, but we do not vanish. SKULL: That clock will never strike the right time. Nor is it the story, though it certainly possesses many classical elements that contribute to its staying power. The last cage is empty. Maybe you can't find it, but it's Schmendrick is staring at a great broken clock Somewhere out of reach, These scenes still play like gangbusters today, and capture the smart soul at the heart of the work. - to be where you are? Riddles. Speaks 17 languages badly and is subject to gout. A man's head, a lion's body, tail of a Oh, she should never have meddled with a real harpy, or a real unicorn for that matter, because the truth melts her magic, always. What is it But I don't know where to find him. is helping him.). Faithfulness beyond any man's deserving. My secrets guard themselves. And it'll be too sweet and... Well, here goes.

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