- An Introduction - Sword Art Online Wikia, Meet Stacia, Goddess of Creation! Asuna's original avatar in ALO as the Fairy Queen. The meeting was to organize a large raid to explore the Labyrinth and find the entrance to the boss room. The Underworld (アンダーワールド, Andāwārudo?) However, she refused and stated that she would kill herself if she found out that Kirito was killed in action, being unable to forgive herself for not going. People who are assigned Sacred Tasks that do not provide a source of income are given a wage from the village's or city's vault. The pair learned that the spear, named Guilty Thorn, had been created by Grimlock, a player unknown to Agil. The Human Empire is divided into four empires: Norlangarth North Empire, Eastabarieth Empire, Wesdarath Empire, and Southacroith Empire. Due to the girl's insistence on collecting only the highest quality versions of the quest materials, the pair trekked through the woods for three hours in search of the bear king rumored to live in the area. She soon became very proficient at the Sacred Arts and had discovered many new rituals that people could use in every day life. Our shop retails 1/8 [Stacia, the Goddess of Creation] Asuna (PVC Figure) Sword Art Online Genco 956242 PVC Figure on the Web. is the absolute law in the Human Empire that was created by the Axiom Church to ensure Quinella's all-encompassing rule as well as to bind the masses with a sense of moral that suited the church's convenience. As all crimes and punishments are covered by the Taboo Index, the empire law is largely made up of conventions concerning the masses’ class system, in other words, the rights of the nobles and the rights of the commoners. Supposedly, this player had never been defeated even once. [12], Seventy years after Quinella assumed her position as administrator, she discovered that the capacity in her brain for storing memories was reaching its limit. As Asuna waited for him to log in, she suffered from severe anxiety and remembered the crusade that had destroyed the Laughing Coffin back in the last days of SAO. Asuna rushed to his side and, upon seeing his state, quickly healed him and then nearly crushed him in an overbearing hug. I'm guessing they're also super-accounts?" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Her personality began to develop further still after meeting Yuuki in the events of Mother's Rosario. Asuna said the same to him, and Kirito requested that he be allowed to sleep with Asuna that night.

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