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Mighty Ducks Villains |

Woolter | Cruella De Vil |

Kingdom Hearts Villains | Tad White | Mizrabel |

Janice Avery |

Rhino | Beast |

Briar Cudgeon |

Injun Joe |

However, she was eventually revealed to be the supervillain Royal Pain, who was reverted to a child due to the Pacifier being destroyed, growing up to eventually take revenge on the school and the Strongholds.

Kerwood Krinkle |

Jennifer Stone |

Then she was found by Mr. Grayson who adopted her and gave her the name Gwendolyn Grayson. King George III |

Alistair Patton |

Dr. Calico |

Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Doug Ramses |

Wynnchel & Duncan |

Sarousch |

Mad Hatter | Artemis Fowl | Zira | Charles Olympus |

Butch the Bulldog | Medfield College Villains | Enraged at the discrimination she suffered owing to the perceived slight being made a sidekick, she formulated a plan to start her own super-villain academy to replace Sky High. Jasper & Horace |

She is known as a technopath which means she has the power to make technology with her mind.

Royal Pain is the supervillain name of the main antagonist of the movie Sky High.

Latham Cole |

Tier: High 7-C. Name: William Theodore Stronghold Origin: Sky High. Summary . Bradley Uppercrust III | Foxy Loxy | Luanne LeSeur | The origins of Sky High are unknown.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Starting off as a young girl named Sue Tenny in the 1960s, she was known to hold the power of technopathy when she was enrolled into the superhero school called Sky High. The Commander and Jetstream both thought that Sue disappeared just before graduation, but actually she was hit by the pacifier and turned into a baby. James Madison | Disney's Sky High Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Through both The Commander and herself, it was stemmed from the school's lack of knowledge and understanding about potential in technopathy at that time.

Air Bud Villains | Heath | Hag & Werewolf | Mr. Eben | Mr. Patel | Yzma |

While under the identity Royal Pain its voice was provided by Patrick Warburton (armor vocal effects).

It surrounded bleachers with clear plastic barriers to protect classmates from getting hit during these fights. Royal Pain fired, but her beam hit the Commander's chains, freeing the latter. So, a brilliant, but misunderstood girl named Sue Tenny was written off as a science geek and stuck in sidekick class. Shark |

Miners |

Andrei Strasser | Stabbington Brothers |

Gantu | Arthur |

Lyle Van de Groot | Tarzan Villains |

Gilbert Sipes | Scarfield | Hydra | Jack and Ralph |

While under the identity Royal Pain its voice was provided by Patrick Warburton (armor vocal effects). The school divides up it students into two Classes – hero and hero support also called sidekicks. Giant Magnet | Frankie & Benjy | Outsiders (Nuka & Vitani) | Jafar (2019) |

Upon arriving, Gwen said they should begin making their own memories and while they shared a kiss, Speed broke in and stole the Pacifier, which the Commander had kept as a trophy. Star vs. the Forces of Evil Villains | To that end, Gwen secretly had one of her cohorts to steal the Pacifier away successfully. Chillie Walsh |

Lock, Shock & Barrel | Marina Del Rey | Agent Woods | Anastasia Tremaine | Mr. Whiskers |

Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) |

She then proceeds to drive off Layla by insulting her and proclaiming that Will doesn't want to see her again, which left Layla in tears.

Sheriff | Miraz | Aaron Burr |

Sea Monkeys | Zach Braun is a supporting character in the film Sky High. Gideon |


Gwen Grayson (Royal Pain) is a very pretty, seductive, and charismatic woman, but she is a calculating liar and a violent narcissist (The Commander described her as a complete and total psychopath). Elliot T. Jindraike | Mama Gunda | Fantomius |

She then revealed that she was Sue Tenny to begin with because she was turned into a baby when the Pacifier exploded, making Will grope in disgust that he actually hanged out with an old lady. Princess Mombi |

Peg Leg Pete | Phineas and Ferb Villains | Pap Finn | Jack-in-the-Box | Alistair Krei |

Fantasia Villains | classes and many more. Blackbeard |

Tom, Dick, Stanley & Walter | She first appeared welcoming the new students and later took an interest towards Commander and Jetstream's teenage son Will (the protagonist of the film), even offering to have him as a date for the incoming School Homecoming dance. Lilo & Stitch Villains | When she chokes him, he always said "Uncle! Sabor | Havershaw | Royal Pain, also known as Gwen Grayson, but whose real name is Sue Tenny, is the main antagonist in Disney's 2005 film Sky High.

Elliot Coleye |

Tabaqui (1994) |

Maleficent | During her time there, she became the girlfriend of the Commander and Jetstream's son, Will Stronghold. Mr. Dawes Sr. | Diablo the Raven | Bandits | Gwendolin "Gwen" Grayson, previously known as Sue Tenny, with the villain ID of "Royal Pain", is the main antagonist of the 2005 Disney live action movie Sky High, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

King Runeard, Live-Action Movies Gag Halfrunt | Vidia |

Judge Huggins |

Aconcagua | Lyle Tiberius Rourke |

Ginarrbrik |

Cruella De Vil (1996) | Sky High is a Disney 2005 film about students at an exclusive high school for superheroes.

Nessus |

Bennett Hoenicker |

Smith & Wesson |

Hercules Villains | Plot This movie is about superheroes. Si & Am |

It |

Ms. Stout | Menu. Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Mr. Big | Susan Tenny The Marten | Mike | Given what she knows about Will, this may imply that while she has been consumed with an obsession with revenge and glory, she seems to have retained some of her sweet side in spite of everything she's endured. Toy Santa | Kissin' Kate Barlow |

Aunt Sponge | Supreme Commander | Peter Pan Villains |

Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Grand Duke (2015) | The Wolf | Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Cyclops) | Neville Sinclair | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Walrus & Carpenter | Royal Pain wasn't my mother. Nome King | Patton Sr. |

Sofia the First Villains | She welcomes the new students, including the Stronghold's son Will Stronghold, who is amongst them.

Molly | Davy Jones | Charlotte | Adolf Hitler | Vermithrax Pejorative | Diaval | Carla Santini |

Hobby Lava Monster | Chester Hoenicker | Alien |

He is usually targeted at his school by both the school bullies, Lash and Speed, as well as the machinations of family's arch nemesis, Royal Pain. Fritz | Hyena Clan (2019) (Shenzi, Kamari & Azizi) | Club Penguin Villains |

Program Guards | Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Evanora | For students without powers, there is also a "Hero Support" program to train superheroes to become sidekicks.

This means that she can control technology with her mind. Gwendolin "Gwen" Grayson, previously known as Sue Tenny, with the villain ID of "Royal Pain", is the main antagonist of the 2005 Disney live action movie Sky High, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Bandar Log (1998) | Eli Squinch |

Powers are not allowed to be used outside of the school gym.

Were-Rat | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | Psychopathic Supervillain, Gwendolyn GraysonDaddy's Little GirlGwenSue, Criminal mastermindStudent Body President at Sky High (as Gwen Grayson; formerly).

Gargoyles Villains | Sa'Luk | Stromboli | Mr. Wesley | After her plans were foiled, Gwen and her fellow teenage meta-humans were expelled from the school by Principal Powers and imprisoned for their crimes.

Big Hero 6 Villains | Gwen Grayson is a technopath. Alameda Slim | Old Joe | He can glow in the dark.

Students are taken to the school by special flying buses. Gwendoline "Gwen" Grayson, formerly known as Susan "Sue" Tenny, also known as the villainous Royal Pain, is the main antagonist of the 2005 Disney live-action movie Sky High. Skeleton Pirates | Lloyd Halverson | Red Stick | Snerbert |

Meredith Blake |

What is known is that it is a school that caters exclusively to students who intend to become superheroes.

Gwen Grayson (Royal Pain) is known as a technopath which means she has the power to make technology with her mind. Prince John (1952) |

Cy-Bugs | Madame Leota | Gwen went to Sky High the same time Will's parents did, but she was under the name of Sue Tenny. Sometime after what happened at Sky High, Royal Pain escaped from jail. Sue intended to use the weapon to turn the students and faculty of Sky High into babies and then steal them away. Now Gwen, having the same intelligence as ever, began plotting her revenge against the Strongholds. Destroy Sky High, along with Will and his family (failed).Start a new generation of villains by turning everyone, including Sky High's faculty members, and the students with their parents into babies (failed).

Al Roker | Kaa | Queen Grimhilde | Bookman |

Maleficent's Goons | Grace Goodwin | Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | Buldeo | Willie | As Stitches loads up the babies into a bus, Gwen gloats over her victory until Will confronts her. Angelica Teach |

Man | Captain Nemo |

Ashton Carnaby | Zarina, Sequels

Shan Yu | Despite her abilities, she was underestimated by the school, who then assigned to "sidekick" class. 2010 Marvel Animated Universe Villains | Cardinal Richelieu |

Judge Doom |


Her ultimate plan was to not only destroy the school, but also to raise the meta-human students of Sky High and train them to become supervillains. A Twisted Tale Villains | Evil-doer Doug & Gordon | Jubjub Bird | John Silver | Suzi | Witch Hazel | Kron | Wolf's Owner | Artemis Fowl Villains | The heroes then reconfigure the Pacifier to turn everyone back into normal while Royal Pain and her minions are locked up inside the detention room to prevent them from escaping (since the detention room negates anyone from using his/her powers). Mr. Sir |

She is Will Stronghold's ex-girlfriend. Horned King | Gerda | Dr. Kozak | Zed | Sour Bill |

Robin Hood Villains |

Clayton's Pirates | Nizam | Merlock |

After Jetstream helped free the Commander, the latter fought with Royal Pain for the Pacifier. Cad Spinner, Shorts, Television, Comics and Video Games Madame Medusa | Duke of Weselton |

Gwen making a freeze ray gun with her mind.

Lazlo |

Neils Skellig |

There's only one thing we're missing. Mad Doctor |

Jesters | Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Tal Hajus |

Julius | Sam Eagle Speaker | Wolves | Kakamora | In her teen years, she attended Sky High.

Royal Pain tried one last trick by detonating an electric bomb that stopped the school from floating, but Will and his friends saved the school from crashing.

Thantos DuBaer | Baby Thaddeus |

Gwen Grayson (Royal Pain) demonstrates the ability to create and control technology known as technopathy.

Gwen Grayson (born Sue Tenny and known as the supervillain Royal Pain) is the main antagonist of the 2005 Disney live action comedy film Sky High. Vogons | Scab and Scraw | Kuala | Heffalumps and Woozles |

Type of Villain

Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) |

Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) |

Edgar Balthazar |

Dark Dragon |

She can control any kind technology at will with her mind.

Pinocchio Villains | Viscount Mabrey | Natalya | Toy Bull | She can build or create almost anything, from simply fixing a hi-tech gun to Pacifier.

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