There will be times when you want to stop it all but I hope you never give up on love, my dear. Quotes are decorated with beautiful background images, hope you will enjoy and share with your well wishers. Learning about each other, and never giving up on each other. That's why we made this list of 10 Bible Verses To Remind You To Never Give Up to encourage you today. Just because one boy hurt you does not mean every other man are going to hurt you as well. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”, Be strong, hopeful and believe on long lasting love and relationship. You captured my heart as well as my soul... any distance from you is unbearable but I will wait for you for all eternity... 9. Your feelings matter and because they do, you must do your best to protect them just like his. You may not know something she or he is going through so try to understand the other person. And you will still think she is the best even after all the years has passed you by, right? True love is about growing as a couple. Don’t give up hope just yet. She shares quotes, poems, and wishes that matter. Lower your expectations and try to get your true love back that makes you happy. May you be guided and blessed by the god of happiness, you are going to be both just fine. Love is not running away or giving up, it's standing and fighting for every moment. You have within you the power to make or break what you have so you make the decision. 1. You should keep in mind that the best things in life are those that you have worked hard for. How can you be happy if you forget what it is, what loving feels, never give up on love, baby. You’re not meant to have an emotionless relationship but one that can knock you off your feet. You must try your best to be the best you can become for that is the only way to do things. Who cares what will happen, I will never give up on love though it feels worse than I expect. I wish you would tell me now that I should never give up on love because I am on the brink. Your life is going to be more exciting if you fight for what you want instead of letting go. Let things go and realize that there is so much more to loving than to let go, keep pursuing. There will be challenges along the way, there will be times that you will feel as if things are not just working out and you will fell like you should just stop loving the person and just walk away. Claw your way to his heart if you have to, the best things in life are worth fighting for, girl. Never give up on love and never forget what it is like to be in love, every happy memory there. Things are never going to be easy but you have got this so keep fighting the fight of your life. I can only wish that you would never give up on love for it matters the most in this life, right? My love for you is pure and serence, it's true and I am confident that no one can ever love you as much I love you, no one can give you that place in their life as you hold in mine. I will tell you now, you must never give up on love because through all the pain is happiness. Learn to let some things go, to let some problems just pass you by, you can’t hold everything. We pray they inspire you to take heart, walk with Jesus, and love others every chance you get. Never give up on somebody you love the most, no matter how hard the situations are... never let them go. Love is most precious thing of life, “Never give up on someone you love” and always try to chase him or her. Love is something that two people work on and make it better and better each day. Don’t Give Up, keep your hope alive Like everything of this world, relationship also passing from different pits and falls. Time will come and you will realize just what he truly means to you, let him know what he is. I am not leaving. If you want him to stay with you, then learn to appreciate the effort he makes just for you. If he calls, will you answer and tell him just how much you truly feel for him still, my dear? The 45 Love is Thicker than Blood Quotes to share on Pinterest. Sometimes, you make decisions because you have to, make sure not to regret anything at all. as often as we possibly can. You should let him know, I know he will listen to you and tell you the truth about things. Make her feel special, make her realize just how wonderful she is because that is the truth. Do not let him leave, spare him the drama, let him know that you still feel the same for him. Learning about each other, and never giving up on each other", Never Give Up On Love Quotes for  him and her.

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