I guess, You're not the only space cadet in this thread ;). Asked by Darren 15 hours ago about the Lexus IS 350. As spacecadet said I'm in central NC, Fuquay-Varina. var today = new Date() Hope it gets saved or turned into a manu swap candidate. IS200 / Altezza Indicator and Wiper switch stalk. The swap seems reasonably easy, I think the only thing that isn't bolt on is the shifter needs to be extended... create your own unicorn kit... just saying. The engine compartment looks same. Are you shopping for a new car and having a hard time finding what you want or did you recently buy a car but had to settle for something different than what you originally wanted? i was told that on my is300 it is beneficial to change the oil every 5,000 miles. I remember seeing a thread on synthetic oil. With repeated attempt, I get the impression it is the mirror housing that is different. Why has car gurus dropped the listings of IS 300. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer as best I can. The fuel consumption is the same. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Benefits of selling a functional vehicle. Learn more about Lexus IS 300 at the Edmunds.com Car Forums! Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. With repeated attempt, I get the impression it is the mirror housing that is different. Back seat room difference? 16,520 posts. Bright side here is they can take a hit and let folks walk away. U.K. ES MY21 revealed; By Habu; 8 hours ago; LS 400 / Lexus LS 430 / Lexus LS 460 / Lexus 600h / Lexus 500h Club. replaced the IS350 in 2019 and 2020. 16,520 posts. Powered by Invision Community, Home chr15gb I'm in the process of doing just that with an old C4 Corvette. I'd like to get $2500, and if need be I can get a new state inspection before sale here in NC if that helps the buyer. Or it might be that that's too new to be considered here a used car. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Ed the Ted I would love to see this car go to someone to become a donor for a project, or hell cut it up and turn it into a drift missile. Fill the tank, clear the code, pops at 1/4 tank again.     Started Tuesday at 09:20 PM, By anyone experience any problems with their CD player? 46,731 It's out of my life.     News Forum Activity If someone really wants it I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet them. .......for longer drain intervals. Driver's door window has come off the track and needs to be re-attached (seems to be a semi-common issue) which I plan to do before selling the car since I'm still driving it. Username. I have lexus is350 2006. By the way my service rep for MBZ, said ML stands for Must Leased! - Track Day, Lexus IS200 / Lexus IS300 Club Latest Topics. Asked by Darren 3 hours ago about the Lexus IS 350 Question type: Shopping & Pricing When I go to other sites, I see the Lexus IS300 model which seems to have replaced the IS350 in 2019 and 2020. 35,738. Some thoughts on the updated 2017 sports sedan. Reliability? If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I have about 1900 miles on the IS and wondering when should I used synthetic? i just bought the car, and have always been adapted to the normal 3,000 miles. With a $30k car, its a no-brainer. The car has a 2JZGE and W55, and as far as I know factory LSD (see Door VIN tag; B01B means LSD), it runs drives, stops, does all the car stuff. hooooraay. Lucazade I had an identical beast in auto that suffered an identical fate. daz1697 I've check all the obvious/easy stuff, replaced hoses and the gas cap, but refuse to drop the tank cause I doubt I'd be able to get it back in. | This Website has no association with Lexus (GB) or Toyota Motor Corporation. ... 03 Lexus is300 sports cross new owner. I wish this was closer and I had the money. The fuel consumption is the same. www.IS300.net can help. 89 Great Deals out of 1,825 listings starting at, 149 Great Deals out of 3,497 listings starting at, 77 Great Deals out of 1,762 listings starting at, 287 Great Deals out of 5,930 listings starting at, 728 Great Deals out of 18,767 listings starting at, 22 Great Deals out of 403 listings starting at, 229 Great Deals out of 6,977 listings starting at, 635 Great Deals out of 13,737 listings starting at, 1,136 Great Deals out of 61,111 listings starting at, 1,349 Great Deals out of 64,425 listings starting at, 372 Great Deals out of 7,768 listings starting at, 605 Great Deals out of 25,813 listings starting at, 194 Great Deals out of 8,091 listings starting at, 5 Great Deals out of 141 listings starting at, Why inst there any IS 300 available on car gurus. I couldn't tell the difference between my own IS350 and the IS300 without pushing it. How do I select a different colour? gdsv@ymail.com You're down the road.     Barry14UK The interior changes are certainly welcome. When I visit a Lexus dealership next time, I will use a ruler to measure it.. IS300 and IS350 -- really can't tell the difference in normal driving. Being a 14' regular IS350 owner, I would like to chime in. your site. It would make a fantastic donor for a project, but I already have WAY too many. However, I would adopt 3000 miles oil change once the car reaches 20,000 miles. In fact, at CL, a vendor who is selling a tune for the 300 to bring it to the 350's power dynoed it stock and found it to be just 28 hp less than the 350's 306 hp rating. becomes only when the engine is cold. I plan to change the oil every 3K, since I do mostly city driving. Started Tuesday at 07:46 PM, By LexIS200Sport You didn't mention it, but if this has the LSD package, it's as rare as hen's teeth and ups the desirability quite a bit. Went to a guy working at a Lexus dealership, he wanted the W55 for his IS300 and from what I gathered he has pre-sold most of the interior, and the motor. This is not true. ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion > Lexus Model Forums > IS Models > IS - 1st Gen (2001-2005) Login with Google Login with Facebook. I suspect he's basically getting a free W55. This sound © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Timing belt was done at ~220k and valve cover gaskets at ~230k. Anybody that owns one will probably have the info in their owners manual under "wheels" ...any info is greatly appreciated. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Password. All rights reserved. I did the valve cover gaskets and brakes some time in early 2020, new tires around the same time. i just bought the car, and have always been adapted to the normal 3,000 miles. Forums ; Lexus Models ; Lexus IS200 / Lexus IS300 Club Lexus IS200 / Lexus IS300 Club. Db311 The quick–lube oil industry would have us all believe that changing your car’s oil every 3,000 miles is both necessary and beneficial to your car. Not only that it is a much better lubrication at cold and hot temperatures. By Started December 12, 2019, By Now the car just makes me sad and angry to see in my driveway. engine for about 1 second then disapear. or Lexus 250/350C. If needed I can negotiate partial or full transportation. Started October 2, By I bought the car in 2018 from a salvage auction with some front end damage which I repaired... and then was rear-ended only 6 months later. I know that it has five lugs, but don't know if they go on 4.5 mm bolts or 4.75 mm bolts. JavaScript is disabled. If you change your oil regularly on the recommended schedule, no damage or excessive wear and tear will occur. Forum to discuss modifications, tuning and problems with the Lexus IS200, Lexus IS300, Toyota Altezza and Toyota Altezza Gita models Start new topic 1,090 topics in this forum Engine & Transmission; ... IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise. IMHO. 52. In reply to Brett_Murphy (Forum Patrón) : Based on the research I did when i bought the car: A/TM is "Axle/Transmission" so B01A=Open, B01B=LSD, B01C=LSD, then obviously W55 is the W55 5-speed. Location: Chicago, IL, 60601, United States $350 … document.write(year) What Problems Would You Advise Others When Buying A Is200? Hey AndyL, for power of the 300, I agree it is close to the 350. Recently I had the chance to drive a loaner 17' regular IS300 AWD because of some warranty work. Followers 94 (1st Generation IS) Subforums. When I go to other sites, I see the Lexus IS300 model which seems to have Steve It is definitely better than IS250 AWD in terms of power and torque. Photos Plus are there any other care tips for this car anyone might have... New car in these days does not require to change the oil as often as 3000 miles. Sign in to follow this .

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