It includes the following parts: 2 x K-Jetronic distributor heads (BOSCH ref 0 438 121 042) with their support, both throttle bodies with plate and microswitch (BOSCH ref 0 280 120 312), throttle shaft with levers and all springs, joints and bolts. Part nr 143005 Lower Lever Front Suspension. Pininfarina’s design broke somewhat with tradition and was striking and innovative. Ferrari Testarossa. It is free of rust on the outside and only shows minor signs of oxydation on the inside. It only fits the Testarossa model year 1985. Rear Fender TR Part nr 61478000 LH and 61477900 RH. The adjustable light has been removed and are separately available, but the rectangular light is included. Only fits the Testarossa model. Including nuts and bolts. Outside Mirror TR Part nr 61555600 LH and 61550100 RH. Revisiting Classics: The 2004 International CXT, Revisiting Classics: The Studebaker M-Series, Revisiting Classics: The Dodge Shelby Dakota. It also includes the control cable. A "boxer" engine, used in most Subaru and Porsche models, uses one crank journal per cylinder — the result being that the cylinders can move toward one another at the same time, which gives them a very distinctive look: They appear to be "boxing," hence the name of the engine. A wonderful door that is ready to be used again. The center trim ring is included as you can see. Only suits the Testarossa models. This potmeter is used in the centre console to regulate the temperature for cooling and heating. The sticker is still on the tank and the authentic cap is included too! Ferrari Testarossa - Rear Engine Berceau/Support(B) #127911. An authentic by-pass valve made by BOSCH with reference 0 280 160 111. Locks Set with Corresponding Key TR Part nr 121610. Determining the right down payment for a new- or used-car loan or a new-car lease depends on more than just the buyer's finances. Only fits the Testarossa models. Airco Compressor SANDEN TR/MQV/M32 Part nr 123205. The spacer ring and bolts are included in this full assembly. Instrument Cluster Housing TR Part nr 61558900. With all that discussion out of the way, we move on to the Testarossa. 43,14 EUR de frais de livraison . This cooler was ordered new in 1995, fitted in the fan casing but never used. In perfect working order. The engine has DOHC 4 valves per cylinder (48 valves in total) and is lubricated via a dry sump system. Ready to be mounted. Ready to be mounted and used again. Some surface rust spots on the pedals. 73 objets trouvés disponibles auprès de vendeurs eBay internationaux, Lorsqu'un objet est mis en vente dans une devise autre que le Euros, le montant approximativement converti à partir du Euros est indiqué en italique. This is a duct in very nice condition with both clamps. Board with Indication Sheet TR Part nr 129575. In reality, the correct description of the Testarossa’s engine is a "180-degree V12." Made by Vitaloni, type SAE QB 74. Only fits the Testarossa model. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de ferrari testarossa 1 12. Used to open and close the ducts for air flow. We have reasons to believe these doors are new. Both mirrors are in fantastic condition and painted in Rosso Corsa. 75997), Table 047 Suspension, Wishbones Front (Until Car No. Fits the 308 QV, 328, 412, Testarossa a Mondial QV and 3.2 models. It holds the sensor and mounting plates. That terminology is a bit dense, but it does a good job of explaining both the "flat" bit (180-degree) and the actual design of the engine (V12). Proposez-le à des millions d'acheteurs potentiels. Set of 2 hoses from a 1991 Testarossa. Everything went off without a hitch, but there was one little sticking point: A small number of people argued with my characterization of the engine as a V12, insisting instead that it was a "flat 12.". Doug DeMuro is an automotive journalist who has written for many online and magazine publications. Production of the Testarossa lasted until 1996, and this sports car had a rear mid-engine with rear-wheel drive. These fit the 348 and the Testarossa 1st and 2nd generation (not the 512TR and M). The Ferrari flat-12 engine family is a series of 180° V12 DOHC petrol engines produced by Ferrari from 1973 to 1996. This lever is in good condition, no damage. The Paris Motor Show in October 1984 saw the return of the glorious Testarossa as heir to the 512 BBi. A fantastic and complete door grill that fits the Testarossa. I say this because virtually everyone refers to a Porsche 911’s engine as a "flat" six rather than a "boxer" six — and the same goes for Subaru models like the WRX and STI, which also use boxer engines. Pour en savoir plus, affichez le panier. We sell it as it is because it needs to match the color of the other whels of your car. Specifications: Speedline type SL48, details see pictures. No cracks to be found, the casing is still very solid.

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