Lufthansa, Germany, Nov. Issue my heart goes out to those people who lost their livessorry fory the people who lost their lives&and family,my deepest sympathy,god bless you all to the survives,goodluck and prosperous newyear to all. MountainFilm Festival, Telluride, CO - May 23-May 26 American College Personnel Association, Seattle, WA - June 25 Focus Magazine, Warsaw, Poland, October issue These birds nest on Midway Atoll and are being fed plastic by their parents, who find floating plastic in the middle of the ocean and mistake it for food. Callaloo Literary Journal, Texas A&M University, USA, Volume 29, Number 4, 2006 Trend Magazine, Santa Fe, Summer Issue Sietar Conference, Spokane, WA - April 17 AFISHA Magazine, Russia {{posts[0].commentsNum}} {{messages_comments}}, {{posts[1].commentsNum}} {{messages_comments}}, {{posts[2].commentsNum}} {{messages_comments}}, {{posts[3].commentsNum}} {{messages_comments}}, Inemuri, The Japanese Art of Sleeping at Work, Circular Pedestrian Bridge in Lujiazui, China, How Medieval Bridges Were Built—An Animation, Kitsault: The Ghost Town Where Lights Are Still On But No One’s Home, Aqueduct of Segovia: The Mortar-Less Miracle, Fokker’s Synchronizing Gear And The Birth of Fighter Planes. Worth, August/September issue Globe and Mail, Winsor Gallery exhibition review, Canada, February 27 World Watch Magazine, WorldWatch Institute, September/October issue Plazm Magazine, Portland, OR, Issue #28 Smithsonian Symposium, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC - October 11, 2012 The Morning News, July 23 On closer view, the visitor has an almost unpleasant experience with the artwork. Milk Magazine, Hong Kong, May 24 American Institute of Architects, Miami Beach, FL - June 11 His portfolio spans portrait, landscape, still life and abstract oil paintings of exceptional quality. Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Review of PCNW show, September 23 DLR Group, Seattle, WA - August 3rd Owing to its distinguishable quality, technical excellence, aesthetics and unique vision, Chris Jordan's artwork has been acquired for public and private collections for over two decades. Pretty much all of that stuff looks recyclable. Amazon Price New from Used from Hardcover "Please retry" £13.73 . American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Washington DC - Nov. 1 Quoted from link. Esquire Magazine, China edition, March Issue McKinley Financial Services c/o HR Florida, Orlanda, FL - Aug. 26 Oberlin College, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH - Mar. Faya; Mandala 432; Albatross; Camel Gastrolith; Ushirikiano; E Pluribus Unum; Midway; Running the Numbers; Running the Numbers II; Intolerable Beauty; In Katrina's Wake; exhibits/resume; In Katrina's Wake: Portraits … He illustrates the accumulated detritus of modern U.S. culture by meticulously arranging thousands of photographs into recognizable designs from afar and a jarring reality up close. Oyster Magazine, Australia, Issue 72 Ideas Festival 2009, Queensland, Australia - Mar. Lo Specchio Magazine, Italy, October 14th issue Harper's Magazine, USA, February issue Chris Jordan is an award-winning artist residing in Calgary, AB. Chris has been fulfilling numerous portrait commissions in Calgary and beyond for over two decades. “My hope is that images representing these quantities might…, Chris Jordan, 2007, Jet Trails (partial zoom), from Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait. NatureWorks Inc., Tokyo, Japan - June 1-June 7 Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC - Mar. Cornish College - Class lecture, Seattle - April 16 Some other countries would of just thrown it in a ditch. £59.05: £12.27: Hardcover, Illustrated, 1 Jan. 2009: £168.99 . In relation to the Midway photographs, Jordan created another project that was going to be a documentary. Sabado Magazine, Lisbon Portugal, p. 143, April 17 View Camera Magazine, Chris Jordan & the Miracle of the Mundane, July/August issue, 2003 Internazionale Magazine, Italy, August 23 Frog Design Mind, San Francisco, Summer Issue 3 No. Ventiquattro Magazine, Italy, November Issue Focus Magazine, Greece, January issue, 2005 BMW Magazine, February issue Mattel, Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA - Sept. 10 Adbusters, Vancouver, BC, Issue 74, Nov./Dec. Grist Magazine, USA, March issue Chris Jordan (born 1963) is an American artist, photographer and film producer based in Seattle, Washington. Vision Magazine, China, August Issue Jordan's work can be grouped in the following series: Midway: Message from the Gyre (2009–2013)[6][7] is a series of photographs depicting rotting carcasses of baby Laysan albatrosses filled with plastic. World Economic Forum Council on Design, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Nov. 7 - Nov. 9 In 2005 he documented the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in “In Katrina's Wake: Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster”. Texas Public Radio, San Antonio, TX - Aug. 6 Penny W Stamps Speaker Series, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI - November 15, 2012 Inspirational artist MountainFilm Festival, Telluride, CO - May 30 In his 2003-05 series entitled “Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption”, Chris Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. Chris Jordan shares his views on the power of photography — “Art has always made an immeasurably important difference in human culture, and right now might be the most potent time ever for the arts to contribute to the healing and transformation of our world.”. Edge-walking the lines between beauty and horror, abstraction and representation, the near and the far, the visible and the invisible, his images depict viscerally the enormity and power of humanity’s collective will. National Geographic Eco Ambassador Tour - Taipei, Taiwan; Lisbon, Portugal; Rome, Italy - April 10-April 30 WSU Chris Jordan Exhibit opening, Pullman, WA - Jan. 22 Washington State University Museum of Art, Miracles and Tragedies: Conveying the Wonder of Life Through Photographs, Ushirikiano (English, French and German Edition), Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait, In Katrina's Wake: Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster, Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption. Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA - November 17 Ukula Magazine, Toronto, Vol. Government Invitational Lecture Tour, Caracas, Venezuala - May 12-May 18 Los Angeles Times, August 27 Yes! Chris Jordan (born 1963) is an American artist, photographer and film producer based in Seattle, Washington. Each image portrays a specific quantity of something across a finite length of time: e.g. Trece:Veinte Magazine, Mexico All these shots, with the exception of the logs, are shots of materials waiting to be re-used. Center for a New American Dream retreat, Washington DC - Sept. 26 Associated Press, review of "In Katrina's Wake," syndicated in newspapers nationally, August

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