1. (keep in touch, for the uninitiated), including rubber stamps and stickers. Now it is — gulp — 20 years later, and I am working on my laptop while my daughter watches a movie projected onto the wall. The baby is napping, but I can check on him via the app we have installed on our iPad. Lucky for you, you exist in the 21st century where you have access not only to easy, portable outdoor campfires (and sticks you don't have to hunt and gather), but also a nice, compact indoor roasting option. A lightweight, portable telescope like Celestron's Travel Scope lets you and your kids to explore stars and planets. Or, maybe you were stuck at sleep away camp for months. It's not particularly comfortable for adults, but there's plenty of room for kids and their imaginations. Some of the films paid tribute to the innocent days of bug juice and lanyard bracelets, while others explored the more, uh, mature side of summer camp stays. Need help motivating your preteen to join you? The family-bonding and socially distant activities on this list are good for the mind, body, and soul — no matter what age. Nowadays, you can get a full kit with everything you need. The best-case scenario is worth the ruckus: Your kids spend several hours prepping, and you get to sit in the audience and relax. The Best Choice 3-in-1 table comes with two buckets, a removable top, and an adjustable umbrella. The family-bonding and socially distant activities on this list are good for the mind, body, and soul — no matter what age. Two things define our childhood more than anything: Camp and the '90s. You don't need much to make an ice cream social: a couple of favorite flavors and a topping or two. Candace Cameron and Jennifer Aniston both have major roles in this 1990 movie all about young love at a summer camp. With a basic kit from Tulip, you can dye up to 30 projects and select from a number of color combinations, including Rainbow and Mermaid. I mean, this was the ultimate cool-girl look. Or you can go with one of the many fun options from Pop Molds, including rocket pops and watermelon shapes. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team. Summer camp and screen time may not have coexisted during my '90s childhood, but they certainly do now. Just by grabbing a box of kinetic sand, the wonders of competitive sandcastles can now be part of your summer, without the nightmarish but admittedly scenic lake nearby. 22. The result is a lot of heartwarming nostalgia. It's eco-friendly and good for kids 3 years and up. The best part about making these cutesy bracelets was rocking them all summer and school year long, though. The crown jewel of each summer at camp was Color War. Or it can convert to a simple table — sometimes you just need a place to sit and relax, after all. Mostly, they were used so campers could create awkward skits meant to absolutely roast our beloved camp administrators. Account active Make your own popsicles or fruit pops with fresh ingredients you have at home. March 21, 2016. Campers and counselors were divided into two teams, each assigned a color, and over the course of a week, they went head to head with games like obstacle courses and relay races. And whenever you find yourself really wishing that you could return to being a kid at summer camp, just remember that bellinis and your queen bed are a lot better than bug juice and a sleeping bag. This 1995 adaptation of the beloved children's books follows the members of "The Baby-Sitters Club" as they try to run a summer day camp for kids. Those were the days. It wasn't until I was writing this that I discovered bug juice is made by adding granulated sugar to dissolved sugar (not that this information will stop me from making it this summer, but there are low-sugar recipes out there if you're looking for an alternative). If this isn't an option, consider a kit that includes the rocks. In this 2009 comedy, two guys scheme their way out of football camp and into cheerleading camp in order to get girls. Your day probably started off like this: Waking up to the sound of your mother rousing you up, eating a bowl of insanely sugary (and insanely delicious) cereal, grabbing your packed lunch, and getting dropped off at school for summer camp, where you spent the entirety of your day. Your little one can make their own firefly using simple tools and an LED flashlight. This messy but delightful activity is a fun way to learn about color theory and patterns at any age. Either way, there were definitely some staples that repeated themselves. It's a great way to do some team building and even sneak in some math if you keep score. P.S., how did we live before the advent of iPhones? But for real, I stole my older sister's pair of sunglasses that I coveted for years. But despite the less-glamorous aspects of the environment, summer camp was a pivotal experience in many a pre-adolescent's coming-of-age journey. The activities below are perfect for indoor moments with your kids. Don't forget the stage paints! By Eliza Florendo. Both of these activities can be found in kits appropriate for little and big kids, like a carnival combo (rings, bean bags, and cones — oh my! John Cusack is the unseen narrator of this indie movie, in which a young boy called Fetus goes to summer camp and has to deal with the many conflicts of young friendship and romance. Email us at reviews@businessinsider.com. L.L.Bean's graphic print sleeping bag can easily double as a cozy comforter after the "camp-in." You and your kids can learn to make your own family uncomfortable with loud strumming and off-key singing. "Getting a little messy playing with your kids this summer can give them the benefits of camp while creating amazing memories and connections with you," she said. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Like I said, everyone's experience was different, and that's why there are so many summer camp-themed movies that'll bring you right back to your time away from home. ... Baby One More Time" we got "Sometimes," and the song literally sounds like it was written about summer camp romances. The focus of this documentary is Stagedoor Manor Summer Camp, a performing arts camp in the Catskill that has a reputation for churning out young stars. A small multi-activity table has done wonders for my own backyard. From a special drawing for a grandparent to a wistful love letter to your "girlfriend in Canada," what better time has there been to catch up with pen pals? Image: Buena Vista Pictures, Propaganda Films, Artistic License. Depending on the camp you went to, water activities were usually involved, and the smell of sunscreen, to this day, will always remind me of the YMCA. That is one-third of the devices in our home. and experience all the joy of being in the moment.". If you remember the line about band camp in the first American Pie, you won't be at all surprised by the things that transpire in this movie. Alan Arkin plays a former camp director who brings a group of now-grown campers back for a 20-year reunion.

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